Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays for the Rest of Forever!

I feel like with it being almost Christmas now (which happens to be on of my very favorite times of the year) that I should write a little something about our wedding and my thoughts on the season.

Our wedding day was nothing short of beautiful.  The weather was great, but more importantly we were surrounded by family and close friends as we promised our lives and love to each other and for eternity.  The ceremony was beautiful and I'm so grateful to be married to my best friend.

As I was looking for a new blog background today I thought again about Christmas cards and how I wish I'd have thought to get one together sooner.  Alas.... I got swept up in the setting up of a livable apartment and taking care of a sick husband the week before finals.  (Not to worry, the Hubs is doing waaay better and is just about cleared of the nasty whatever it was.)  I suppose this post will just have to do.

This year has been one of great blessings for us.  Everything from the perfect circumstances and time of our meeting to and unexpected but welcomed invitation to Alaska to a beautiful proposal and a blissful wedding ceremony.  Ultimately our greatest blessing comes from our Savior.  It was centuries ago, in a humble manger that the Savior of the world was laid that humble Christmas night.  Through his life long example of service, love and ultimate sacrifice of the Atonement that we find the way to return to our Heavenly Father. 

Brian and I hope that this post finds you well.  We wish you the merriest of holidays and a wonderful new year. 

With love,
The Olsens

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It snowed today before I left for work.  Normally (and as the season progresses) I have a more negative outlook on the white stuff that impedes traffic, makes me wear shoes that cover my whole foot, and a heavy coat & scarf.  However today it was different...  Today the snow felt magical, romantic and even dare I say welcomed?  While the white wet flakes heavily and quickly gallivanted from the sky to the ground at my parent's home it wasn't after driving for 5 or so minutes that it stopped.

As I've sat at my desk today I've been enjoying the softness of instrumental holiday tunes on my Pandora station.  For some reason it's so soothing.  It makes me want to snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket, a cup of hot apple cider and a good book by the fire as I watch the snow dance to the ground.  Since I can't do any snuggling up to anything but my computer screen it caused me to peaked out a window here in my office, hoping that I'd be able to at least watch the snowfall.  Alas, the clouds are parting and the sky is becoming ever more blue.  I suppose in it's own way, this too is romantic and wonderful.

In a way, I guess I'm anticipating winter this year.  Brian and I will mix and match the traditions we grew up with and create new ones of our own.  This seems like a very blissful and romantic time of the year... more so than normal.  What a new and exciting chapter lies before us.

What are some of your favorite traditions?

While the weather is still fickle about what it wants to be, I suppose my advice would be to find something about it that you love.  Whether it's the smell after it rains, the frigidness of the first snowfall, the warmth of a sunny day or the briskness that comes with the bit of a fall wind.  Happy fall/winter! 

Brittish Knees!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Wow!  I looked at my calendar today and realized that Brian and I have 23 days until our big day is here!!  I almost can't believe it!!!  I'm amazed to see how everything just seems to be coming together and how supportive and helpful so many people are.  A special shout out to all of you. (You know who you are!!)

Well, the dress and tux are arranged for, honeymoon confirmed, invitations are out (if you didn't get one, consider the one posted yours), housing is set, and now we're just finishing up the little details to make our reception beautiful.... okay my mom and sisters have really been heading that up.  (When it comes to small details, I'm totally the wrong person to talk to.  Creativity is NOT one of my gifts.)

Shortly after we got engaged a friend of mine gave me a list of many of the things that are typically done prior to getting married.  As I initially looked at it I was so overwhelmed, even though it was broken down into smaller time tables (four months, three months, two, one, two weeks, one week, day of... you get the point).  I looked at this list again recently as was so relieved to see that we are right on schedule, even a bit a head.  What a blessing it has been to have so many talented people in our lives who are willing to help with the little (yet important) things.

 It's been fun to countdown to our big day and anticipate being with current and meeting new family and spending time with them.  I can hardly believe how quickly it's all coming now - although sometimes it still feels like forever away!  Well, thanks for all of your love support and help, and maybe I'll more pictures and other cool stuff to share in the future. :)  Until then, thanks ya'll and I can hardly wait to see ya at the wedding!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Announcements. Announcements! Annou-n-cements!!!

Since the cat is out of the bag that I'm engaged, and all over facebook I guess I can now share our story:

Brian and I met April of 2011 at a mutual friend's birthday party.  While neither of us paid much attention to the other - beyond recognizing the other to be good looking, we knew we wanted to meet again.  It wasn't until about a month later when I moved into a new apartment with our common friend that as a result of an unreal backache and an intramural soccer game for my roommate that we were able to reconnect.  She's told him weeks prior that I'd been sleeping weird and had a super tight back and one of his shoulder rubs might help.  He agreed and after we chatted through the game I was more than okay with it.

The game ended and Brian and I met up again at my apartment.  We talked for hours that night, then when BYU curfew rolled around (at midnight) he left.  He didn't ask for my number so I thought he wasn't really interested and that we'd just be friends.

That weekend my older brother and his wife were blessing their second son out of state, so I left with my family to spend the weekend with them and celebrate their new little boy.  While I was gone Brian got my number from our friend and called to see if I would be interested in making dinner with him.  I told him I'd love to, but wasn't home.  (I don't remember working out the details then, but I guess we did eventually cause we're now engaged!)  Sometime between then and the following Monday we decided to go out.  We had a good time that night; went to dinner at at Mexican/Salvadorian restaurant and watched a movie (who knows what it was...) and sat on his front porch swing chatting.  We were enjoying what was left of the evening and he put his arm around me.  I wasn't sure if he was just resting him arm on the swing back or if it was really around me... so I down played it and didn't lean into him.  Oh well...

The next day we went out again.  I'm not really sure what we did, because it wasn't near as eventful as what happened as we were heading back to my apartment to say good night.  As he was walking me home he held my hand and I was ecstatic!  Shortly after he kissed me goodnight and from that day on we've seen each other everyday.  It's now been a wonderful three months full of bliss.

After we'd been dating about a month and a half-ish Brian said he'd been talking to him mom and she asked about him bringing me home (to Alaska) in August (after summer semester ended).  After some some personal deliberation he suggested the idea to me... very nervously, mind you.  I could see how nervous he was, so I asked him to give me some time to think about it and not to stress about it too much now.  As the week progressed our relationship continued to grow.  It was then that I knew I wanted to accompany him to see where he'd grown up and meet his parents.

The following weeks were just as wonderful as the weeks prior.  We checked out flights and booked a week long trip for me to meet him up in AK.  The anticipation grew and so did our feelings for each other.  By the time the semester ended and I was driving Brian and on of his roommates (also from Alaska) to the airport, I realized I really did not want to say good-bye.  While I didn't cry as I dropped him off or until we met up again, the days until I would meet him there were nearly torture. 

Finally the day of my departure had arrived and we were both beyond ready to be together again.  I climbed onto my flight calm and collected - and just in time for boarding.  (Phew!)  I had a layover in Spokane and another in Seattle and after missing one of my flights (not my fault!) I finally arrived at the airport in Fairbanks.  I called Brian when we touched down and I was so excited to see him that it didn't dawn on me how tired I really was.  We met curbside and I really can't describe how good it felt to physically be with him again.  Hellos are always wonderful after an absence. :)

Before going back to his folks house we drove up to a lookout point and saw the city at night.  It was incredible.  You could see all of Fairbanks, the University, the military base and some of North Pole (or at least the direction it was headed in).  We didn't stay long as both of us were tired and ready for bed.  Everyone was asleep when we got in, so I grabbed the things I needed to get ready for bed and was quick about it.  I slept sooooo good that night.

The week was absolute bliss.  We went our to North Pole (which is south of Fairbanks... funny huh?), the knotty shop, got ice cream, met loads of people (well, I did), saw a major hub for the bird migration path (Cramer's Field) - which is where Brian did his Eagle project, went to the farmers market, went camping just outside of Denali National Parked and did a few day hikes inside, attended church, played games, went to Chena Hot Springs and the botanical gardens at UAF.  It was a pretty busy week - but so great!

It was Sunday night that Brian and I talked about getting married.  It was totally unplanned for both of us.  While getting married is what both of us wanted I needed some more time to make sure it was right for me.  Brian told me to take my time and that he was in no rush.  (Much appreciated.)  By the next morning I was sure - actually before I ever closed my eyes to fall asleep I was sure.  It was as if someone was saying, "Brittney you already know - you've done your homework, but thanks for asking anyway."

That was really the only day I didn't sleep in (that and the day I left... sorta).  Not because I didn't want to, but because I could not sleep!  I finally decided to not fight it anymore, poked my head out my door to see if his was still shut.  I don't think it was, but didn't really register to me.  Shortly after I made my way downstairs and found him watching a movie and playing on his laptop.  I sat down and snuggled up next to him.  We talked about how we slept and had a bit of small talk.  I couldn't wait any longer, so without any other preface I looked right at him and said, "yes."  He checked for confirmation and I was pleased to provide it.  We decided to not tell anyone else yet, so for the day it was our secret.  When we were alone (which wasn't much because we'd gone to Chena Hot Springs with his parents) we started making wedding plans and continued making them that night while I was packing to come home after we told his folk our good news.

We're getting married November 23, 2011 in the LDS Mount Timpanogos temple.  Our reception will be the day prior, November 22.  Please check our facebook group to ensue we get your address.  We couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter of life together!

Just because pictures make everything more enjoyable.  Here's a few of us... enjoying the others company.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, for those of you not on facebook or family members who didn't get phone calls/texts... I'm engaged!  His name is Brian Olsen and we'll be married on November 23, 2011 in the LDS Mount Timpanogos Temple.  More details are to come about how we met and the proposal and such, but for now you and I can relish in the fact that I'll be Mrs. Brittney Olsen.  WAHOO!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, I guess it's been kind of a while since I've posted anything on this blog of mine...  Oops!  I guess July... and August for that matter, was just a busy month.  I can hardly believe they've both come and nearly gone!!

Let's see... what happened this month + a few weeks?

My brother, his wife and their growing family came home for a visit at the beginning of July.  It was so much fun to have everyone close again.  While they were here we went to the 4th of July parade in Provo, had a family dinner (everyone was there - minus my missionary brother who is still serving a mission for our church in Mexico), and just kind hung out.  I love it when our family is so close in proximity.  So much fun!  The grandkids love being together and I love playing with them.  It's a toss up who loves it more, the kids, me, or Grandma & Grandpa.

My family (well, what's left of them at home, so parents and youngest brother) went camping with my dad's family mid-July.  I was supposed to meet up with everyone for the weekend when my engine decided it was time to seize... 4 miles outside of Scipio (for those of you out-of-towners this is just about an hour south of my parent's house.  Translation:  barf!).  So I called my boyfriend, Brian to come to my rescue.  Since then I've been driving mom and dad's car until my new engine can be installed (hopefully this week! Thanks mom and dad).

I'm going to Alaska in approximately... actually nearly exactly six days... to the hour.  I take off on August 16th at 3:15 (or something) to meet up with Brian who will have already been home for a few days.  I'm so excited to get some time with him away from school and work.  Ahh!  A vacation will be the greatest!  It's been much needed for both of us.

I can hardly believe how fast this summer went!  I swear I just moved into my new place in Provo and now it's already time to move out again.  I was thinking back to my grade school days when the summer used to drag on and on.  I remember being excited for school to start up again because then I had something to do again.  I guess all the many hours running through the sprinklers, building forts in the irrigation ditches, nursing injured grasshoppers, and putting loads of miles on my ten speed wasn't enough excitement for me.  I guess I've always been a fan of school... even as a college graduate.

That said, I've been thinking a lot about school recently; particularly because I know I'm not going back quite yet. It's such a strange thought.  I've been a student for a solid 19 years. Well, minus most summers.  I'm not sure how I'll handle that, especially if I'm still working part time.  Ahh!  I just might go crazy.

I guess in a nut shell, that's what I've been up to.  Stay posted, I'm sure I'll have about a million pictures of beautiful Fairbanks, AK in about two weeks.

Until then.  Keep your stick on the ice.


PS. I was once told that post without pictures are boring... so here's a classic of Brian and me at my ward's Sadie Hawkins dance. :)  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travel Bug

Well I guess it's that time of year again.... I've got the travel bug.  Which means that I'll start checking flights to all kinds of realistic and unrealistic places.  I'll then crave dealing with airport security and the butterflies I get from take-off.

Some of my hopeful to-go's are as follows (but not really in any particular order):

  • Washington DC (a bucket list item for the last... 3 years?)
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Alaska
  • Paris, France
  • Costa Rica
...and I'm sure others.

So, until I have travel updates or other exciting news...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reflections from June 2010

It dawned on me the other day, that approximately one year ago I was in Mexico.  I was living amongst a people whom I'd never met, in a culture that was so differently from mine, but whom I loved instantly.  It was an unreal experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.  The feelings I had, the people I learned from and the gratitude I experienced is something that still affects my daily life.  I don't know that I'll ever be so grateful to stand in a shower without shoes on or drink straight from the tap, or have access to free public restrooms.  (Yup.  There are people who are grateful for them.)

Here is a walk down memory lane of my Mexican Adventures from June of 2010:

First day in the village of Bautisa Grande. They had an incredible cultural show prepared for us.  The children were amazing and touched me right from the start.

Ooh!  We got to go around and meet them all... well, rather we let them touch our hands and we took pictures.  They were absolutely adorable!

My ninas.

Teaching in the schools was a beautiful experience.  They were like little sponges that wanted to soak in everything!  The kids wanted to learn English so much.  Later in the week they followed the Spanish speakers in our group around and asked them to tell them the English version of specific words.  We made flash cards for them on the bus ride and left them with the school supplies.  Ahh!  I miss them!

Butterfly and animal puppets

Cute kids at the school

San Cristobal.  This is a view of the city where we lived.

A church in San Cristobal as we walked the markets our last Sunday in Mexico.

Me and Shmance

More of the beautiful city, San Cristobal.

Ah!  We all fell in love with the kids in the village. :)

One of the projects we worked on was a mural that was inspired by the children.  This is the finished, sealed product.  I'm excited to see pics of it in this years trip down there.

This is the school yard. Those buildings in the background are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

More adorable children.

This little guy was a hoot.  He was doing cartwheels and all sorts of other tricks for me.  As I'd take pictures he'd want to see them all.  It was priceless.

More of the school.  This is more typical of what the yard looked like - even during school.

Another project we worked on was digging and laying the foundation for a free-standing bathroom for the kindergarten and pre-k students.  (Those are their classrooms in the background.)  The tarp is covering the hole that was being dug for the well.  YouthLinc partners with a rotary clubs and they provided the money for this project.  The locals provided the manpower.  It was AWESOME!

Our dorms.

Nancy on a... llama?

THIS is where we washed out laundry.  I will never, ever whine about doing laundry.  The water was COLD and I hate starchy butt jeans.

Playing at the playground at La Albarata (the name of the school where we stayed).

Walking to the banos to take pictures showing how short the showers were here.

Yumm!  There are the sinks where we spat when brushing teeth and washed hands.

THESE are the lovely, state of the art showers we used. 

Okay, seriously... Nancy is the only one on her tippy toes.

Our room.  I think it had like 9 bunk beds.  It was a little like glorified girls camp here.

Merritt's and my Chaco tan lines.
Adorable children!

We loved to play games with them.  I think the favorites were Duck, Duck, Goose (pato, pato, gillina) and  Ring Around the Rosie.

Me and my little Victor.  He managed to steal the heart of just about every girl in our group.  He was so tender and could tell that he just wanted to be given attention and love.  I pray that someday I'm able to meet him again.

The reality is, I've been given so much... we've all been given so much. The odds are that you're reading this post on a laptop - not in an internet cafe, which means you have significantly more than the majority of the people in the world and all of the people I worked with in Mexico.  For that you have reason to be grateful.

Remember your blessings please.  Thank God that you've been given so much.  Look for ways to bless the lives of those around you, because you don't have to leave the country to make a difference. My experience allowed me to go elsewhere to love and serve and being among these children and their humble circumstances reminded me over and over that there is a God in Heaven.  He loves his children (whom we all are) and He wants us to come back to Him.  As I watched drunken men come stumbling into the school yard (which is essentially the city center) it became abundantly more clear to me that true happiness is found through the entirety of his Gospel.  I hope that someday when I meet my Heavenly Father again that I can account for the time I've been given with joy as I am able to see what I allowed him to make of me and my abilities to love and serve.

Do your best to make a difference for the better and do what you know to be right. :)

This is Brittish Knees signing out.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Humor, irony... whatever. I call it life.

After my last post I didn't think I'd have anything funny to post for a while (a bit of a let down), then I went country dancing...

A few days ago (well... it was Wednesday, so two days ago) I went country dancing with some friends.  Country dancing is a funny thing; whether or not you dance seems to be feast or famine.  For whatever reason Wednesday was a feast.  I'd not danced with more than 4-5 guys when a young man asked me to dance and during the process of spinning me forgot to bring his elbow back in and my forehead met it... hard.  While the impact was hard, I was mostly just taken back and was able to laugh it off. Thus for a good two days I had the remainings of a goose egg in the middle of my forehead. 

When I got home, I wasn't so sure I was going to be able to sleep because of the headache (which had echoed down into my bone just below my right eye) I could feel developing.  So... I called up a friend who was still awake and we made a late night Macey's run for pain killers and a few groceries.  (Pain killers for me and groceries for him and his roommate.)

Oh... in case you're wondering.  I'm fine. No bruise, concussion, or even amnesia.  All in all, it was a good night.

Moral of the story:  forget keeping your eye on the ball... watch out for elbows.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Humor in the Morning

"Brittney... Brittney... You're date is at the door.  He's ready and everything!"

This is how my roommate woke me up this morning.  This week I was set up on two dates, both for today.  It never really occurred to me to check the AM/PM part of the time... (first mistake).  Thus when 8:30 this morning came and my date came-a-knocking, I was still in bed.

It played out something like this:

*Knock, knock, knock*
"Is Brittney here?"
"Yes, let me go get her."
"Brittney... Brittney.... You're date is here.  He's ready and everything!"
I halfway hear her my wonderful roommate and am terribly confused as to why my date is here at the wrong time then I realize... dun dun dun!:


I threw my covers off, started digging through my laundry basket of clean clothes and frantically said, "Tell him to give me five minutes!"

I more or less jumped out of my pjs and into jeans and a top, snatched some shoes, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, threw on a little eye liner and powder, and even sported the specks rather than contacts.Approximately 3 minutes later, guess who was ready?  Oh me.

It's probably a good thing this wasn't a first encounter for my date and I.  We've been friends for a few weeks now, and from what  he was forgiving.  We gallivanted off to breakfast and had a great time laughing about the whole thing.

Moral of the story:  Hilarious things happen in the mornings in our apartment.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

15ish Single Adults + Monday Night + Nearly Laughing to Tears = Successful FHE

Every Monday night in BV 10 looks approximately the same.  There are between 10-20 guys and girls squished onto couches, plopped on the floor or uncomfortable enduring hard chairs for Family Home Evening (affectionately known as FHE).  That's right, my calling in my new ward is FHE Mom.  It's been really fun thus far and this last Monday proved to be very exciting.

We have about eight apartments in our FHE group.  Several guys and several girls.  Surprise that there are WAY more girls that come than guys... the men who do come are brilliant!  The odds are completely in their favor.  Why the rest don't come.... I'll never know.

BV 5 (a guys apartment) took charge this week. (Oh how I love delegation!)  We sang a song, that only about half of the group knew - which was fun and had a prayer.  They shared a great thought from 3 Nephi 18 regarding how Satan is always trying to get us, regardless of what our position in the Church is.  We talked about how to overcome his temptations and "enticements".  Well done Men of 5!

We then were introduced to the Sock Game.  Don't let the name fool you, or really the description.  It's probably one of the funnest games I've played - at least since The Animal Game.  Now that I've got you all sorts of intrigued, I'll tell you how to play.  Everyone sits in a circle on the floor in a tight circle.  Legs are bent to about a 90 degree angle and hand/arms go under your legs.  (It gets a little squishy and I think I may have a bruised tailbone, but it was well worth it!)  Several socks are placed into a long tube sock (to make a sort of ball at the end) and tied off.

Here comes the fun part:  one person stands in the middle and as everyone on the floor is passing the sock through each others legs without being caught with it.  The person in the middle doesn't just have to know where the sock is, they have to get it from whoever has it.  Yup!  They get a little grabby and all personal space goes out the window as whoever is in the middle grabs behind legs in search of a sock.

Oh, could this game get any better??  YES!!!!  As per your discretion, the people in the circle can proceed to hit the person in the middle with the sock - you know... taunt them with what they are looking for.  (Sorta reminds me of dating... in a very Provo sort of way.  Hehe...)  The game proceeds in this manner until the person in the middle finds the sock.  Whoever they took it from is then in the middle.  The game continues until either everyone has a turn in the middle or you get tired of playing.

In the many rounds we played there were knees planted in toes and shins and arms under four sets of legs in either direction.  All in all it was a great night with lots of good "Mormon Fun".

For everyone in FHE groups 1 and 3, thanks for a great time!

Brittish Knees :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All in the Eye of the Beholder

A word that is feared, loathed, loved, craved for and for a select few...
it is truly achieved.

Perfection is a funny concept... 

Some would claim that perfection cannot be attained,
and to some degree I agree with you.

Others would attest that perfection can be achieved, 
to this I also agree.  

While some see perfection as an "ideal body"... whatever that means, personality, teeth, ability or inability, character traits, talents,  etc.

I think perfection all lies in the eyes of the beholder.  

You see, while perfection is everything it is to you...I don't think it's always consistent; even to you.  As time, age, and experience all take their toll on life.... it likewise changes the way perfection is perceived.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

This post should probably be like 8 different ones, but it's not... It should have also been posted a good month+ ago, but it wasn't.  Oops! Fair warning: given.

I'm always amazing how fast time passes when you're busy.  For six years (yes, count them... six) I have been anticipating graduation and now that the day has come and gone I can hardly believe that life has panned out the way it is.  Today while getting my Praxis scores (just a test that says I was smart enough to take the classes to become a teacher... no biggie.  Haha!) from the School of Ed at UVU, I saw a bulletin board-thingie for graduate students and free GRE prep classes.  Got me thinkin, maybe I'll start a masters program if I don't find a job for this fall.  It's goofy that I've been out of school of approximately two weeks and already I'm seriously thinking about going back.  Ha!  Never thought that day would come, especially this quickly.

On a lighter note, I moved to Provo.  I live in an apartment with four other girls and am loving the experience!  However there are a few things I miss; noise in the morning (our apt is like a tomb all morning... maybe I'll get used to it), my mom's cooking, having a washer/dryer unit, and my family.  All in all life is good.  I've joined a dinner group, which equates to instant friends (right??) and tomorrow we're going on a hike up the canyon.  I'm crazy excited to be up the canyon with new and potential friends.

Other exciting news!  I'm an aunt again!!!  This is number eight for us, and he is ADORABLE!  (As are all of my nieces and nephews... trust me when I say this is unbiased.)  I get to see him in the flesh and hold him in approximately three weeks... but who's counting?

I've come to know (again) that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is where true happiness can be found. The other day I was having kind of a bum day and since I got off work early I went to the temple.  As I was sitting in a pew I started reading in the most recent Ensign (from the most recent General Conference) and found myself more or less bawling tears of joy right there in the temple.  There were only about 5 other people there, yet I didn't feel embarassed at all; just joy and peace.  Ahh!  I love when Heavenly Father blesses me with wake up calls and allows me to repent and come closer to Him.  The reality is, we all need them, and He is just waiting for us to humble ourselves so we can grow and improve.

Well, this is Brittish Knees peacing out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I Love

It's important to share the things you love.  I'm sure that someone way more articulate that me has said it very flowerly and pretty, but well... that's not me.  So here we go!:
  • Grapes!  I had them for lunch and they made my tastebuds smile
  • Girl Scout Samoa cookies that are made by Western Family!  Bless the person who thought of that!  Carmel, chocolate, coconut and a cookie were MADE to be married together!  Mmmm! :)
  • Finding housing.  Happy day!  
  • Graduating
  • Not really having plans for my future.  I probably shouldn't admit that out loud, but the unknown is a little bit exciting... and repulsive at this moment.
  • Traveling.  I've been doing a little reading as of late about various places; Mexico, France, Equador... okay so I've been reading missionary letters, but it's all the same.  I want to go somewhere.
  • Spring.  I have a burning desire to be wearing cargo shorts and chacos.  I love those sandals.  Pitty they look goofy with skinny jeans or I would be wearing them right now.
  • Good music: Jack Johnson, Truman, Thompson Square, Mo Tab, ahh!  Love it!
  • Smiling children.  Currently my wallpaper at work is of some niƱas I worked with in Mexico.  They smile at me everyday.  I miss those chillins.
  • Letters.  Why don't people write letters anymore?  Maybe I'll bring it back... make it cool again.  Everyone loves getting mail.  Why don't we write other people then?  Hello?!?  What goes around comes around.  That's it!  I'm writing someone today... don't you hope it's you?
  • String cheese.  Maybe I should just say food - good food - free good food.  Wait, nope, it doesn't even have to be free.  Just good.  Yum! 
  • Being done with finals.  I hate to rub it in the week that classes end but I am completly finished with school... forever unless I get additional certificates or a masters degree.
  • A good book.  I'm talking really good.  Maybe I'll read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

D-Day and More!

It's coming!  It's finally, really, freakishly coming!!!!  The due date for my project is drawing ever closer!!  In fact, it's in two days, four hours and approximately 30 minutes... but who's counting?  Wanna know the best part?!?!?  I'm hoping to be totally 100% done with it today!! Yeah me!  After seriously countless hours I will be a college graduate.  It's gonna be official my friends.  Huz-freakin-zah!

Other awesome things that have happened today:
  • I got an oober random text from an old... wait... former roommate (she's not older than me. hehe.) who is moving back to Provo!  Happy day!
  • I'm indulging in way too many funeral potatoes that one should eat in a single setting & looking forward to the hot cocoa later this after noon to celebrate conquering a best of a project!
  • I'm going to spend approximately 2.5 hours at the BYU library this evening.  :)
  • Am wearing a long sleeved shirt and a sweater, I sorta love winter clothes but hate that it's cold outside.  Yeah... we've got a love-hate relationship
  • I got a ROCKIN parking spot today and accidentally honked at the man who was un-occupying that spot.  Oops!
  • I realized that I can pick up my robes for graduation to-mor-row!! 
  • I (well my family) got an email from my little brother who is serving a mission for our church in Mexico.  I sure do miss that kid!  But love him like a zillion times more for the sacrifices he is making.
  • This one hasn't happened today... but it will.  I am going to indulge in gas station hot cocoa.  Mmmmm... It's the only way to go.
Anywho, as you can see.  Today has/is going to be a good day.  I hope yours turns out to be just as, if not more lovely.
Peace out Comrades!
-Brittish Knees

P.S. How does one go about getting cool fonts for blog posts?  Keep in mind I'm HTML illiterate. Thanks! :)

Cheese Crackers & Peanut Butter

No one should have to live on those Cheese & PB Sandwich crackers - albeit they are so delicious.  Alas, today I am. This morning all happened so fast and I neglected getting something for lunch to put on the rest of my make up and brushing my teeth (the appropriate thing to do, in my mind).  After zipping up to the airport to drop off family, checking out an apartment (that is approximately 8 minutes from campus - brownie points in my mind!), and hunting through a parking lot for a spot I tripped on my way into work and realized... no lunch.  Huzzah...  So I did what any self respecting, poor almost college grad would do and went to the break room to find something to eat.  Bless.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Things That Make Me Smile

Today I came to a conclusion:  if you aren't happy with where you are in life, it's your own dag-gum fault!  Thus I'm finding things that happened to me today - or recently - that make me happy.
  • Fruit snacks: I absolutely LOVE fruit snacks.  Maybe that is the real reason I've gone into Elementary Education... okay, probably not but sometimes I think the commonality with my students makes a difference.
  • Spell check:  There are several words in the English language I can NEVER spell correctly.  One is 'definitely' and the other is 'absolutely'.  Slightly embarrassing, but it's so true.  I love the spell check feature.  It saves me from a lot of frustration.
  • Sassy flip flops:  You see, I probably should have been born Mexican (although I am incredibly grateful that I wasn't) because I thrive in the heat.  Someday I desire to live where it snows maybe once or twice... all year.  I can come home to get my fill of the freezing, fluffy, white stuff.  Oh, I love the heat because I can wear my sassy flip flops.  (Yes, today it is approximately 46 degrees and I am wearing them with a skirt.  I'm boycotting winter.)
  • Waking up to an empty house:  Okay so maybe I wouldn't love this everyday, but it was nice this morning.  No one told me to get out of bed, I was just awake when my body was ready for it.  Ahh...  Love that!
  • Delicious food:  I may or may not be eating lunch and enjoying left overs that my mom made several days ago.  :)  There isn't a whole love better in my mind that food that makes your taste buds "dance and sing!" 
  • A Known Future:  No, I have no idea what I'll be doing in a year... okay so I have SOME sort of idea, but my plans are still fluid.  However the though of a known future is still something that makes me smile.  Someday...
  • MISSIONARIES:  Oh gosh!  How come this is so far down on my list?  Why did I not think of this sooner???  Regardless, missionaries are one of my all time favorite things.  Since my little brother and best friend are serving missions for my Church it makes me all the more excited to talk about them and what they are doing.  AGH!  I love missionaries!!!
  • Being a student:  As goofy as it sounds, I'm kinda sad to be graduating.  I sort love being a student - in a sick sort of way.  I love going to class and even doing awful homework assignments.  It's be strange to not have that anymore.  This is one of the parts of having a career that I'm not necessarily looking forward to. (Oh, 'necessarily' is another word I struggle to spell, although I did it correctly this time. :) )  Maybe THAT is why I'm really going into teaching... then I can still sorta be a student and go to school.  Who knows...
  • Traveling!!:  Oh my goodness!  I can't even effectively express my love for going to and seeing new places.  There is something so exhilarating about gallivanting off to a relatively unknown place.   Someday I'll be able to more of it, but for now I'll relish in my past adventures.
  • CHICK FLICKS!:  No explanation needed.
Well my friends,  I'm sure you're done reading about all the strange and wonderful things that I love.  I encourage you to look for the things in your life that make you happy - even the small things like fruit snacks. :)  Have a great day and thanks for reading!
Brittish Knees

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When the Teacher Becomes the Pupil

Today I was working on my resume (yeah, I know... she has an active resume!  It's weird to me too.) and I decided to take a break and read some of my friend's blogs.  Okay, so mostly I only read the ones with very clever blog titles.  Today the only ones I read were girlfriends who are on missions.  I'm pretty much the worst letter writer but I'm grateful they faithfully write home and that their families post them, because I find a whole bunch of strength in them... always.  It's amazing.

Today I learned a couple of things.  First, if you are doing what the Lord needs you to be doing, then everything will turn out okay.  This has brought so much comfort and peace to my heart as I've been rightfully stressing about a zillion things in my life right now; my current job, a future job, dating, housing for the summer and the rest of my life, school, graduation, post-graduation, my spiritual standing, what I should be doing with my life and possibly what I'm doing wrong, and I'm sure other things but can't think of them.  It's been kind of a crazy last few months, to say the least.  It was comforting to read Marci's email and be reminded of the truly important things:  the Lord's will.  She has always been such a strength and inspiration to me in just about everything.  I sure do love that girl!

Second thing I learned, humor is the best way to deal with just about anything.  I'm not talking humor like hurtful humor, but sincerely funny humor.  Look for the little things in your life that are worth laughing about.  I'm convinced they are everywhere.  Merritt's emils/blogs are just about the funniest thing I've ever read.  Don't get me wrong, she also includes the spiritual things too (at which I don't laugh about), but she has an amazing talent in taking the unfavorable (like cramming 11 sister missionaries in one small apartment for the night) and finding the silver lining of it.  She's such an example to me of... well about a million-zillion personality traits  I wish I had, but specifically finding the good in every situation.  She was like that even while we were in Mexico, even when she was sick.  Boy oh boy!  I have great examples. 

#3 Cool thing I learned this week:  sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you want to so that you'll do things that should be of a higher priority.  Now, let me expound:  my brother is serving a mission for our church.  He's been gone... uhh... about 5 weeks??... I think.  (Don't judge me.)  Since he left I think I've wrote him a total of an embarrassingly few times, and this last week he finally wrote me a letter, which is kinda what I was waiting for.  In it he pretty much chastized me for being a poor writer and asked if I was dead.  (Don't worry, the answer to that is clearly 'no.')  During the time that I'd originally planned on spending otherwise (with a friend in SLC), I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (as I was already up in the SLC valley) and started reading my scriptures and ended up writing my brother.  I'd put his letter in my notebook - which I always keep in my purse and it was so amazing to re-read it again.  He is such a strength in my life - he always has been.  I wish I could be more like him. I may have cried a little.  I think student teaching the last few weeks prior to his leaving and for several weeks afterwards has been a bit bittersweet for me.  Bitter because I wasn't able to spend as much time as I would have liked to with Shaunie, but also sweet because I know that the pain of having him gone doesn't hurt as badly because I've been enthralled in something else.  Ugh!  I miss that kid like crazy!  He is one of my best friends and is the person I took just about everything to.  Gosh! It's funny how quickly the flood gates can turn on.

Moral of the story:  I am one lucky girl.  I've been incredibly blessed and have so much to be thankful for.  Life is stressful and crazy and sometimes it just flat out bites; but it's all gonna be okay if I'm doing my best to do what the Lord wants me to do.  (Make sense?  Good!)  He really is in control - through the good, bad, and ugly.  I know that putting faith in Him makes the ugly somehow seem beautiful.

-Brittish Knees

Friday, March 11, 2011

One of the Many Priceless First Grade One Line-ers

Today when I went to go pick up my class of first graders from lunch one of my girls said something that a) took me off guard and b) made me laugh.  She said,

"Miss Christian, you need a husband!"  

At first I was shocked and a little taken back, so I asked her why.  She proceeded to tell me that it was from a TV show and ... haha... she heard one of my other... haha!!... kids who I would never picture quoting such a line, but did.  It was hilarious.  I proceeded to tell the two of them that they were goofy girls and kinda chuckled.

Bahaha!  The honesty, irony and love of first graders is priceless. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sick in Bed

As a kid we had a book that for some reason I loved.  It was called "Sick in Bed."  It was yellow and the pictures were... well... not amazing but I really liked the book.  It was about a little boy who was sick and it walked through all the things he got and did while sick.  He went to the doctor, was poked a prodded, and given a shot in the... eh hem.  Afterward his mommy got him a soda to calm his tummy and then he just chilled at home - in bed watching tv and took naps.  Today I've felt very much like that little boy. 

After feeling awful for about two weeks I went to the doctor.  He told me that whatever I have is viral so pretty much there's not a whole lot that he could do until it got worse. To help deal with my symptoms he gave me one of those prescriptions you squirt up your nose.  It's a lovely experience.  Luckily I didn't get the full doctor's treatment like my childhood friend from above did.  

When I came home and I kinda lounged around the house and watched some old tv shows/part of a movie with my dad and brother and decided that I should be an adult and get my lessons written for Monday.  It was then that my mom informed me that I shouldn't go to church tomorrow.  It's been months since I've missed my meetings and just about as long since I've had to have someone fill in and teach Sunday School for me.  Sad day.  I enjoy it teaching - especially the Gospel.

Another downside to all of this sickliness is that I'm contagious.  I'd thought that my sickness was due to the lack of sleep and stress from school and work.  Wrong-o!  I had a friend over on Thursday and I got a text today letting me know that I'd kindly shared with him.  (I know, brilliant.)  Some friend I am.  How does one (me) recover from sharing such a ghastly bug?  Ugh.  Good thing I have forgiving friends eh?

The upside to all of this is that I get lots of time to recover.  The whole weekend in fact.  I fell asleep on the couch at about 8 last night and slept for nearly 12 hours.  I plan on doing something similar tonight.  I sorta love not having plans for Saturday night.  (Sorta looserish, I know.  Back off.)  I'm looking forward to a quite night watching an ultra chick flick with my mom and daddy and going to bed early.  Tomorrow's day will consist of lots of sleep, studying the scriptures, writing long overdue letters to my two best friends on missions and studying the assigned Gospel Doctrine lesson that I am supposed to teach. 

I guess the overall moral of the story is that being sick in bed isn't all that bad - aside of sharing germ bugs (which is what I refer to them as when I teach about them - always a teacher...).

Well, until next time (when I hopefully feel better), this is Brittish Knees signing out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good News!

For those of you who follow me on facebook... which is probably 0 but whatever... know that for whatever reason, yesterday was kinda crappy.  The morning at school was a bit rough day and it just progressed (down hill mind you) as the day went on.  Luckily I had amazing people at the school to help back me up when the going got too tough.  

So now that I have you all feeling sorry for me.  Hehe...  

I have good news!  Today has been about 80 ka-thousand times better!  

And yes, I do know that a ka-thousand is actually not a number, but if it was it would be a lot.  Trust me.  I'm a pre-teacher.

Yesterday when I thought the day couldn't get much better (this is after I burst into tears to my mom, who was totally blind sided with my outburst) I kept thinking:  "Ugh!  If I could just get a text from one of my particular good friends, the day would be so much better."  So, I did all I could to keep busy before I went running - which is my favorite way to relieve stress :) - and started grading papers.  And voila!  Guess what came???  A text from an inspired friend.  Talk about tender mercies!!  I don't know if I've ever said this, but I don't buy 'coincidence.'  I'm convinced that everything good that happens is from God and if it's an action it's done through inspiration.  Call it what you want, but yeah. :)

Long story short.  Today's been a good day.  It's had it's rough bits, but I'm glad I opted to get out of bed this morning and will probably even do it again tomorrow. ;)  

Until next time I have something totally awesome to blog about.  Haha!  This is Brittish Knees signing out.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Red Rash... Decisions

Occasionally I make decisions that tend to be a bit rash.  Whether they are related to school, work or relationships I tend to have the same gut wrenching feeling afterward:  regret.  This time is no different.  I'll spare you the lovely details but just take my word for it, and give people the benefit of the doubt.  You might end up burned or with a bit of egg on your face, but at least you won't regret it.  

Onto happier topics, student teaching is going well... relatively speaking.  There pretty much isn't a day that I don't leave the school without having at least one rough patch.  This last week had quite a few of them, but I'm getting to a point that I'm not afraid to be the bad guy.  Not that I'm a big jerk, but I don't feel like I need to be my students' friend, I'm their teacher and I'm responsible for their education.  It's kind of a big deal.  That said, I'd also like to say how much I love being with them and how much joy they bring into my life.  The smallest things go the longest ways.  For example, last week I'd been fighting one student all day and as they were getting ready to leave, turned around and said, "I love you Miss Christian."  Heart melting, I know. It's good to know that what my cooperating teacher, university supervisor and internship coach is true, that students thrive on having boundaries set and enforced.  It feels good. :)

What else is going on in life???  Hmm....?  I don't know that there is a whole lot more to my life at the moment.  My brother, who is in currently in the Provo MTC learning how to be a good missionary, is doing well.  I regret to say that I'm not very good at writing him, but at least he knows I'm still alive and doing well.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!!)  His Spanish is coming along and he gets along with his companion.  Part of me is still slightly envious of him and the experiences that are ahead of him.  We'll see what the future has in store for me.  Maybe I'll again follow in his footsteps or maybe I'll blaze my own, new trail.  

Ugh, can you tell that I really don't want to do homework?  It's awful cause I know that the longer I put it off, the longer I'll be at this cubical in the north part of the BYU library.  I guess at least I have window seat to watching the snow fall. (Random thought: have you ever seen a snow storm from the window seat of an airplane?  I think that would be kind of cool.)  Alright, deep breathe - check, water bottle - check, determination - uncheck, but alas I must face the math and start planning.  

Until next time (probably next week, when I'm here again), this is Brittish Knees signing off! (It's it fun to write as though you are a pilot or something???  Okay.... I'm leaving now.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Vignette 2011

Valentines Day is always an interesting one, as a single person.  In years past I've found myself moping and dreading the 12-Feb., however this year I decided that I'd have a different outlook.  This year I decided that I would celebrate my singleness (which by the way, I am okay with... honest).  While I didn't go do anything crazy or terribly exciting I enjoyed my homework (okay, so not so much that part), a great chick flick... alone, and four pieces of cheap American chocolate that was purchased by my little brother.  Really, what more could a girl ask for? 

I've become all the more aware that life is going to play out the way it will, so you might as well take the time to "enjoy the journey."  I know that phrase is terribly cliche, but I'm finding that it's so terribly, incredibly true.  Ahh... it's nice to not stress about whatever isn't happening that I would like to be. (I hope this is making sense to someone and not just in my head late at night.. Oh well if not.)

Okay, enough with my soap box, what's new in life?  Welp, I'm enjoying my student teaching, even with the crappy and not-so-fun parts of specific days.  There are parts of days where I seriously wonder if I can do it, but then I talk to my wonderful team and they reassure me that I'm doing a good job.  Ahh!  To work with such an awesome team in the future would be a dream come true.  It'll be interesting to see where life will take me.  This next year has so many possibilities and avenues I can venture down.  I feel so blessed to be in this particular situation, even though sometimes it feels more like a burden than a blessing.  vignettes 

Well...  it's now 11:19 pm (according to my laptop) so I need to get to bed.  Know that I'm convinced that everything works out for the best... everything. :) G'night blog stalkers.

Brittish Knees 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BAH! It's finally here!!!!

I almost can't believe it.  In approximately ten hours (and counting) I'll be the teacher of 22, 6-7 year olds.  Don't worry, contrary to what I thought I would be feeling right now, I'm not freaking out... yet.  There is still ten hours for that to change.  In the mean time, I figured I'd post a smidgin on my blog, since I pretty much have wampted at that since the semester began.  

Ahh, let's see... what's new?  Oh, aside of school and work (Yes.  I am student teaching and working a whopping 8ish hours ever two weeks.  I know, rollin in the dough!) and a few dates interspersed, not much.  However I know that my frame of mind is changing because everywhere I go, everything I do I will be right here waiting for you....  err... I mean.  I don't know that song....  I meant to say that in all aspects of my life I find myself thinking of teaching.  It's amazing how much of life can relate to a classroom.  For instance, I was at institute tonight (which was AMAZING!!! Maybe I'll blab about it later...) and we were talking about (apparently I'll talk about it now...) preparing for various things and how we need to open ourselves for optimum learning.  I knew we were talking Gospel things, but I found myself also tying in how students, of all curriculums, need to prepare themselves for the best results.  As I sat there I thought "NERD ALERT!  NERD ALERT!"  But I loved it all the same.  People in that class probably think I'm a nut case, oh well.

To totally change topics, Shaun has been gone for two weeks now.  (Note to self: only 102 more weeks. Hehe.)  It sorta feels like he's been gone forever, yet part of me half expects him to walk through the front door after working a late shift at the local grocery store.  It's still feels kinda surreal and I think that it'll hit me hard when my life starts to slow down a bit after graduation.  Not going to lie, I kind of fear that day.  The family seems to be doing well, even my youngest brother, who I was a tad worried about has seem to make a fairly smooth transition to him being gone.  Bizarre.

Well, my random brain is done for the night... that and I just looked at the clock and its said "11:22" which means it's about an hour past my bed time.  Beh.  I guess that means good night.  

Signing out, until next time (I sorta feel like I belong in Star Trek or something when I type that),
Brittish Knees

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life as of Late

Wow!  I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged.  I guess that's what happens when your whole life gets sucked into something.  What is this life sucking thing??  Well, student teaching of course.  That's right.  As of today, I've just finished up my third week and have 7 more to go.  Wow!  I still can't believe I'm a) old enough to be graduating in April and b) really 3 weeks into student teaching.  Crazy!!!

Well, aside of that life is pretty normal.  Shaun has now been in the MTC for a little over a week and it still feels surreal.  I'm not sure I'll ever get to the point where it feels normal for him to be gone... he's always been here. I'm still adjusting to it, but I keep so busy and am home so little that I'm sure my family feels the same way about me.

It's a little disappointing that I don't have anything really important or humorous to write about, I guess I'm lost in the hustle and bustle of everything.  I really should take some time to slow down and write down the tender mercies I'm experiences.  Well I guess that's about it for now.

For you crazed blog stalkers, don't give up hope on me yet.  I'm still alive and kickin and eventually will post again.  Remember who's really in charge, He knows what's best and what you need!  Rely on him and all will turn out for the best.

Brittish Knees

Friday, January 7, 2011

Life's a Goofy Thing

Do you ever have moments when you want to scream to the world...


Me too.  So I decided to do it.  Well, not so literally because that would be one giant large speaker but metaphorically.  And it felt GREAT!!  Highly recommended. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Resolve 2011- Forever!

A few days ago I changed the wallpaper on my desktop at work to this photo:


Please notice the little girl in the bottom right corner.  Don't you just love the smile you can see in her eyes (pronounced aye-yez)?  This photo is of just a few of the children I worked with during the summer of 2010.  I find my heart melting and my eyes tearing up when I take the time to stop and glance at my computer screen...

Oops! Sorry!!

They are truly some of the most beautiful children I've ever been amongst.  They have so little, but love life, live it to it's fullest, and are truly happy.  This got me thinking... again about what I want out of life.  Below is a list of some of those things:
  • To do more traveling
  • To make a difference - locally and abroad
  • Spend more time in the Temple
  • To fall in love; true love
  • To live in another country
  • To live in another state
  • To be self-sufficient
  • To buy a new car
  • To have time to read a grundle of books
  • To have a family of my own
  • To know what a truly sleepless night is because a child... my child is screaming
  • To have about a gazillion more life changing experiences
  • Have 80 ka-thousand reality checks
  • Spend time with those I love and build better relationships with them
  • Feed the ducks once a month, as weather permits
  • Take the time to stop and think (can easily be done while feeding the ducks) :)
  • Fly a kit at least once a year
  • Go somewhere new monthly; ideally traveling, but at least to a new restaurant or park
  • Share the Gospel everywhere I go
  • Run a marathon... or at least a 1/2 marathon
  • Do something crazy
  • Smell the flowers each spring
  • Plant daisys at my house someday
  • Enjoy the sunset at least once a week
  • To be grateful for my blessings and show it (aka serve more!)

I guess in a nutshell these are the beginnings of some of my New Years Resolutions not necessarily for this year, but for my life.  I found that as I get started with lists like this it's easy to see how much I've been blessed with.  Stop and think about it, if you have the ability to read this blog (and bless those of you who do) you have a lot: an education, access to a computer, and probably a warm place to live.  AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING!  

New Years Resolutions are typically related to loosing weight/being more active, attaining "this" or "that", going somewhere, or doing something.  While those are good (hence my own list of them), I challenge you, and me make it a priority to look beyond ourselves.  See the world and the people therein for the potential it/they behold.  I think you'll find yourself amazed.  

There is a God in the Heavens!  He's aware of His children (US!) and he wants us to be happy. :)  Happy New Year, ya'll!

Monday, January 3, 2011

What I do when I'd rather not do homework...

As goofy as it sounds I've missed blogging somewhat regularly.  I think I think of my blog as a friend, who is a great listener.  (Disclaimer to my friends to provide advice:  THANK YOU!!  It's greatly appreciated and I come to you cause that's what I'm in need of... whether it's what I want or not.)  It's also somewhere that I can simply share experiences with all of cyberspace, which as I type that it's a little creepy...  Nonetheless, I will most likely still continue to blog publicly, at least for now.

Today was the beginning of a new chapter of life.  Today I began my last semester of my undergraduate work (which sounds way cooler that "my bachelors degree"... which is really all it is).  Wow!  I know I've shared a lot about this but, well... it's kind of a big thing for me.  So, stop reading if this is disinteresting.

Haha!  Suckers who stopped!  That's really all I have to say about school.  I actually want to share with you the best movie that I recently saw... twice... over the Christmas break... okay, so it was in two days (which NEVER happens, as I go to the movies extremly rarely... like once every two years).  This movie is Tangled.

Now, normally I'm not much of a movie advertiser, but this one is worth your time.  I feel like Disney really took their princess movies to a new level here.  They appealed to all age-groups; the little tikes, the more mature crowd and even to an older generation. (I saw plenty of grandparents there some with little ones and others without!)  Bottom line is even if you wait for it to come to the Dollar Theatre or Redbox, make a point to spend an evening with Rapunzel and the debonaire Flin Ryder.

So, I guess until next time.  Peace out!

Brittish Knees