Thursday, November 25, 2010

...Count Your Many Blessings, See What God Has Done...

Dear Blog Stalkers,

Today is the our national day of gratitude. (News Flash!)  Thus it would be un-American of me to not post something about all the things I've been grateful for in 2010.

Some of the most obvious things are family, friends, a warm home (especially on this freezing Thanksgivng Day), a closet of clothes and a plethora of shoes.  I'm thankful for awesome words like trebuchete, hippopotomus, and onomotopeia.  I'm grateful for the hard, yucky, miserable times of life becuase they help me appricaite the joyful times all the more.  I'm grateful for mounds of homework that take entire five day weekends to do because it means I'm getting an education and I'll eventually be able to graduate and have a classroom of children who will hopefully love me!  I'm grateful for socks, fireplaces, string cheese, and grandma's homemade rolls.  I'm hankful for screaming nephews because that means I have ears that can hear and that I'm alive.  I'm thankful for being 23 because it means I've had 23 years to gain experience and hopefully that I'll have a good 50+ years to continute in my adventure called life.  At this time of year, I can't help but being grateful for my religion.  Being a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has provided me countles blessings; many of these blessings can be mine even after I depart from this mortal life.  More than anything I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who is very aware of an loves me. Who knows what I need, better that I do; who loves me enough to let me make wrong decisions, dispite the pain that they will cause me. 

You see, this year I have about a zillion more things to be thankful for than I did last year.  And I hope next year will bring about a zillion more!  :)  Start counting your blessings, guarunteed you won't be able to get them all.  Oh!  Don't forget those really important things like utility bills and  Cinnamon Life!! ;)

Thanks for being a part of my life!

Brittish Knees

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't worry! I'm not dead.

My Dearest Fan Club,

I've been worried about you lately... okay, so not really (sorry, but it's ture).  My life has been focused on me, self-centered I know, the group of 22 six and seven year olds I hang out with all day, and my family.  Aah the life of a pre-service teacher.

So field (for all you non-elementary educationers that's where I spend three weeks of the semester in a classroom practicing all the things I was learning) started last week... actually it was a week ago Wednesday... which is almost tomorrow.  (Oh wow!  I should probably go to bed.)  I guess I just wanted you to know that all is going well.  Dispite some bumpiness at the beginning, I am really enjoying it.  I'm glad that I'll be able to come back to this same class of adorable first graders in January to do my for-real-deal student teaching.  They are fun, and they hug me daily and tell me they love me.  Who wouldn't want that?  Call me crazy, call me weird, but I call me a future teacher. :)

Peace out world, well at least until probably Thanksgiving.
Brittish Knees