Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I Love

It's important to share the things you love.  I'm sure that someone way more articulate that me has said it very flowerly and pretty, but well... that's not me.  So here we go!:
  • Grapes!  I had them for lunch and they made my tastebuds smile
  • Girl Scout Samoa cookies that are made by Western Family!  Bless the person who thought of that!  Carmel, chocolate, coconut and a cookie were MADE to be married together!  Mmmm! :)
  • Finding housing.  Happy day!  
  • Graduating
  • Not really having plans for my future.  I probably shouldn't admit that out loud, but the unknown is a little bit exciting... and repulsive at this moment.
  • Traveling.  I've been doing a little reading as of late about various places; Mexico, France, Equador... okay so I've been reading missionary letters, but it's all the same.  I want to go somewhere.
  • Spring.  I have a burning desire to be wearing cargo shorts and chacos.  I love those sandals.  Pitty they look goofy with skinny jeans or I would be wearing them right now.
  • Good music: Jack Johnson, Truman, Thompson Square, Mo Tab, ahh!  Love it!
  • Smiling children.  Currently my wallpaper at work is of some niƱas I worked with in Mexico.  They smile at me everyday.  I miss those chillins.
  • Letters.  Why don't people write letters anymore?  Maybe I'll bring it back... make it cool again.  Everyone loves getting mail.  Why don't we write other people then?  Hello?!?  What goes around comes around.  That's it!  I'm writing someone today... don't you hope it's you?
  • String cheese.  Maybe I should just say food - good food - free good food.  Wait, nope, it doesn't even have to be free.  Just good.  Yum! 
  • Being done with finals.  I hate to rub it in the week that classes end but I am completly finished with school... forever unless I get additional certificates or a masters degree.
  • A good book.  I'm talking really good.  Maybe I'll read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

D-Day and More!

It's coming!  It's finally, really, freakishly coming!!!!  The due date for my project is drawing ever closer!!  In fact, it's in two days, four hours and approximately 30 minutes... but who's counting?  Wanna know the best part?!?!?  I'm hoping to be totally 100% done with it today!! Yeah me!  After seriously countless hours I will be a college graduate.  It's gonna be official my friends.  Huz-freakin-zah!

Other awesome things that have happened today:
  • I got an oober random text from an old... wait... former roommate (she's not older than me. hehe.) who is moving back to Provo!  Happy day!
  • I'm indulging in way too many funeral potatoes that one should eat in a single setting & looking forward to the hot cocoa later this after noon to celebrate conquering a best of a project!
  • I'm going to spend approximately 2.5 hours at the BYU library this evening.  :)
  • Am wearing a long sleeved shirt and a sweater, I sorta love winter clothes but hate that it's cold outside.  Yeah... we've got a love-hate relationship
  • I got a ROCKIN parking spot today and accidentally honked at the man who was un-occupying that spot.  Oops!
  • I realized that I can pick up my robes for graduation to-mor-row!! 
  • I (well my family) got an email from my little brother who is serving a mission for our church in Mexico.  I sure do miss that kid!  But love him like a zillion times more for the sacrifices he is making.
  • This one hasn't happened today... but it will.  I am going to indulge in gas station hot cocoa.  Mmmmm... It's the only way to go.
Anywho, as you can see.  Today has/is going to be a good day.  I hope yours turns out to be just as, if not more lovely.
Peace out Comrades!
-Brittish Knees

P.S. How does one go about getting cool fonts for blog posts?  Keep in mind I'm HTML illiterate. Thanks! :)

Cheese Crackers & Peanut Butter

No one should have to live on those Cheese & PB Sandwich crackers - albeit they are so delicious.  Alas, today I am. This morning all happened so fast and I neglected getting something for lunch to put on the rest of my make up and brushing my teeth (the appropriate thing to do, in my mind).  After zipping up to the airport to drop off family, checking out an apartment (that is approximately 8 minutes from campus - brownie points in my mind!), and hunting through a parking lot for a spot I tripped on my way into work and realized... no lunch.  Huzzah...  So I did what any self respecting, poor almost college grad would do and went to the break room to find something to eat.  Bless.