Monday, September 12, 2011

Announcements. Announcements! Annou-n-cements!!!

Since the cat is out of the bag that I'm engaged, and all over facebook I guess I can now share our story:

Brian and I met April of 2011 at a mutual friend's birthday party.  While neither of us paid much attention to the other - beyond recognizing the other to be good looking, we knew we wanted to meet again.  It wasn't until about a month later when I moved into a new apartment with our common friend that as a result of an unreal backache and an intramural soccer game for my roommate that we were able to reconnect.  She's told him weeks prior that I'd been sleeping weird and had a super tight back and one of his shoulder rubs might help.  He agreed and after we chatted through the game I was more than okay with it.

The game ended and Brian and I met up again at my apartment.  We talked for hours that night, then when BYU curfew rolled around (at midnight) he left.  He didn't ask for my number so I thought he wasn't really interested and that we'd just be friends.

That weekend my older brother and his wife were blessing their second son out of state, so I left with my family to spend the weekend with them and celebrate their new little boy.  While I was gone Brian got my number from our friend and called to see if I would be interested in making dinner with him.  I told him I'd love to, but wasn't home.  (I don't remember working out the details then, but I guess we did eventually cause we're now engaged!)  Sometime between then and the following Monday we decided to go out.  We had a good time that night; went to dinner at at Mexican/Salvadorian restaurant and watched a movie (who knows what it was...) and sat on his front porch swing chatting.  We were enjoying what was left of the evening and he put his arm around me.  I wasn't sure if he was just resting him arm on the swing back or if it was really around me... so I down played it and didn't lean into him.  Oh well...

The next day we went out again.  I'm not really sure what we did, because it wasn't near as eventful as what happened as we were heading back to my apartment to say good night.  As he was walking me home he held my hand and I was ecstatic!  Shortly after he kissed me goodnight and from that day on we've seen each other everyday.  It's now been a wonderful three months full of bliss.

After we'd been dating about a month and a half-ish Brian said he'd been talking to him mom and she asked about him bringing me home (to Alaska) in August (after summer semester ended).  After some some personal deliberation he suggested the idea to me... very nervously, mind you.  I could see how nervous he was, so I asked him to give me some time to think about it and not to stress about it too much now.  As the week progressed our relationship continued to grow.  It was then that I knew I wanted to accompany him to see where he'd grown up and meet his parents.

The following weeks were just as wonderful as the weeks prior.  We checked out flights and booked a week long trip for me to meet him up in AK.  The anticipation grew and so did our feelings for each other.  By the time the semester ended and I was driving Brian and on of his roommates (also from Alaska) to the airport, I realized I really did not want to say good-bye.  While I didn't cry as I dropped him off or until we met up again, the days until I would meet him there were nearly torture. 

Finally the day of my departure had arrived and we were both beyond ready to be together again.  I climbed onto my flight calm and collected - and just in time for boarding.  (Phew!)  I had a layover in Spokane and another in Seattle and after missing one of my flights (not my fault!) I finally arrived at the airport in Fairbanks.  I called Brian when we touched down and I was so excited to see him that it didn't dawn on me how tired I really was.  We met curbside and I really can't describe how good it felt to physically be with him again.  Hellos are always wonderful after an absence. :)

Before going back to his folks house we drove up to a lookout point and saw the city at night.  It was incredible.  You could see all of Fairbanks, the University, the military base and some of North Pole (or at least the direction it was headed in).  We didn't stay long as both of us were tired and ready for bed.  Everyone was asleep when we got in, so I grabbed the things I needed to get ready for bed and was quick about it.  I slept sooooo good that night.

The week was absolute bliss.  We went our to North Pole (which is south of Fairbanks... funny huh?), the knotty shop, got ice cream, met loads of people (well, I did), saw a major hub for the bird migration path (Cramer's Field) - which is where Brian did his Eagle project, went to the farmers market, went camping just outside of Denali National Parked and did a few day hikes inside, attended church, played games, went to Chena Hot Springs and the botanical gardens at UAF.  It was a pretty busy week - but so great!

It was Sunday night that Brian and I talked about getting married.  It was totally unplanned for both of us.  While getting married is what both of us wanted I needed some more time to make sure it was right for me.  Brian told me to take my time and that he was in no rush.  (Much appreciated.)  By the next morning I was sure - actually before I ever closed my eyes to fall asleep I was sure.  It was as if someone was saying, "Brittney you already know - you've done your homework, but thanks for asking anyway."

That was really the only day I didn't sleep in (that and the day I left... sorta).  Not because I didn't want to, but because I could not sleep!  I finally decided to not fight it anymore, poked my head out my door to see if his was still shut.  I don't think it was, but didn't really register to me.  Shortly after I made my way downstairs and found him watching a movie and playing on his laptop.  I sat down and snuggled up next to him.  We talked about how we slept and had a bit of small talk.  I couldn't wait any longer, so without any other preface I looked right at him and said, "yes."  He checked for confirmation and I was pleased to provide it.  We decided to not tell anyone else yet, so for the day it was our secret.  When we were alone (which wasn't much because we'd gone to Chena Hot Springs with his parents) we started making wedding plans and continued making them that night while I was packing to come home after we told his folk our good news.

We're getting married November 23, 2011 in the LDS Mount Timpanogos temple.  Our reception will be the day prior, November 22.  Please check our facebook group to ensue we get your address.  We couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter of life together!

Just because pictures make everything more enjoyable.  Here's a few of us... enjoying the others company.