Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All in the Eye of the Beholder

A word that is feared, loathed, loved, craved for and for a select few...
it is truly achieved.

Perfection is a funny concept... 

Some would claim that perfection cannot be attained,
and to some degree I agree with you.

Others would attest that perfection can be achieved, 
to this I also agree.  

While some see perfection as an "ideal body"... whatever that means, personality, teeth, ability or inability, character traits, talents,  etc.

I think perfection all lies in the eyes of the beholder.  

You see, while perfection is everything it is to you...I don't think it's always consistent; even to you.  As time, age, and experience all take their toll on life.... it likewise changes the way perfection is perceived.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

This post should probably be like 8 different ones, but it's not... It should have also been posted a good month+ ago, but it wasn't.  Oops! Fair warning: given.

I'm always amazing how fast time passes when you're busy.  For six years (yes, count them... six) I have been anticipating graduation and now that the day has come and gone I can hardly believe that life has panned out the way it is.  Today while getting my Praxis scores (just a test that says I was smart enough to take the classes to become a teacher... no biggie.  Haha!) from the School of Ed at UVU, I saw a bulletin board-thingie for graduate students and free GRE prep classes.  Got me thinkin, maybe I'll start a masters program if I don't find a job for this fall.  It's goofy that I've been out of school of approximately two weeks and already I'm seriously thinking about going back.  Ha!  Never thought that day would come, especially this quickly.

On a lighter note, I moved to Provo.  I live in an apartment with four other girls and am loving the experience!  However there are a few things I miss; noise in the morning (our apt is like a tomb all morning... maybe I'll get used to it), my mom's cooking, having a washer/dryer unit, and my family.  All in all life is good.  I've joined a dinner group, which equates to instant friends (right??) and tomorrow we're going on a hike up the canyon.  I'm crazy excited to be up the canyon with new and potential friends.

Other exciting news!  I'm an aunt again!!!  This is number eight for us, and he is ADORABLE!  (As are all of my nieces and nephews... trust me when I say this is unbiased.)  I get to see him in the flesh and hold him in approximately three weeks... but who's counting?

I've come to know (again) that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is where true happiness can be found. The other day I was having kind of a bum day and since I got off work early I went to the temple.  As I was sitting in a pew I started reading in the most recent Ensign (from the most recent General Conference) and found myself more or less bawling tears of joy right there in the temple.  There were only about 5 other people there, yet I didn't feel embarassed at all; just joy and peace.  Ahh!  I love when Heavenly Father blesses me with wake up calls and allows me to repent and come closer to Him.  The reality is, we all need them, and He is just waiting for us to humble ourselves so we can grow and improve.

Well, this is Brittish Knees peacing out!