Friday, February 17, 2012

Flash back

Earlier this week I found myself reading through one of my blogs (... so I have more than one.  What of it?) and ended up reading (out loud to Brian) all of the blogs I wrote during Brian and my dating, engagement and up to now.  I talked wrote about my apprehensions, excitement, utter joy as I anticipated his official proposal.  It was also fun for him to see how I write.  Not how I write a paper or even really in my handwritten journals.  But that I write and think the way I'd speak.  He was cute to laugh at the funny things and get sentimental about other things.  It was a fun couple bonding activity.  :) 

On a completely different note, it must be February... and my psyche knows it.  It knows that it's time for me to be tired and restless of being in the same place for so long.  It knows that like Brian, I'm tired of this semester and we're both ready for a break.  It knows that I'm aching to visit somewhere else and today that location of choice is Alaska.  It makes total sense since the in-laws will be moving this summer and we'll likely never venture that far north again. (*sniffle*) 

Today I reminisced on the fun we had last summer.  Everything from me freezing (for not really dressing appropriately for the weather), to buying a bathing suit at the end of the season to camping just outside Denali National Park, to endless car rides.  I tried to think of something hilarious that happened there (as I've not blogged about something funny for quite some time) but it was with no avail.  Sorry.

Well, wow... that's it.  Until next time.

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