Wednesday, June 20, 2012


For those of you who have seen the movie "My Fair Lady" will hopefully remember the scene after Professor Higgins takes Liza to the party at they end.  He, Colonel Pickering and Liza have just returned home and Professor Higgins begins to sing a song where he expresses how proud of himself he is in regards to Liza's transformation.  He exclaims, "We did it!  We did it! ..."  I'm feeling a little like Professor Higgins today, because I was able to create a maxi skirt/dress without an official pattern AND the lack of a sewing machine.  That's right friends and lovelies.  I stitched mine with my own two manos.  (That means hands for you non-Spanish speakers.  Haha.)   Huzzah for me! 

Picture property of Elle Apparel.

I suppose I should disclaimer that while I make it on my own.  It wasn't totally my idea and inspiration.  Thank you pinterest. :)   As I'm uhh... not at home, pictures of my skirt/dress will come later... as I'm sure will a whole slew of these in a million different colors.  You may never see me in pants again this summer! 

In the mean time.  Enjoy dreaming of your next summer comfy project.  I highly recommend it.

Brittish Knees


  1. oh my goodness, I love that tutorial! I had to REALLY contain myself not to make five zillion, and I did a good job (I only made two) but then I started chopping Ross Maxi dresses in half for skirts and I got a little carried away. I LOVE MAXI SKIRTS!

  2. I love this!! :) And, I miss chatting with you. I hope you two are doing well and happy as can be!! Love you

    The Johnsons